Calopus - Software tools to better manage your Enterprise Data

Managing your Enterprise data landscape effectively requires the right tooling and expertise.

Calopus Solutions create software tools that boost the ablility of enterprises to understand, manage and move their data more effectively.

All our products are integrated together into a common Calopus data management framework. We are experts in designing user configurable tools that share information both between themselves and between other home grown or 3rd party tools.

Our ability to integrate our tools with others is based on our Calopus Hybrid Data Integration platform which can easily move or provide accessibility to data through simple model based configuration. We are so confident in the power of our data integration platform that we have never needed to provide fixed and complex adaptors for specific 3rd party tools.

G-TEA Data Architect is the latest evolution of our Calopus framework, just released to our Calopus Cloud service in Beta status. You can find more information on this tool within our web site, but we recommend a 30day free evaluation period as the best way to understand what value our Enterprise Data Architect tool can give to your specific organisation

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